When FMS Web GUI will finally be in Sync, and be reliable ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on May 9, 2017



As I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out why a server side script wa running according to FMS GUI, I recalled that it's often out of sync. And sure it was, as you can see in the following screenshot where FMS Gui reads that 3 server side script are running, whereas fmsadmin command shows only 1 running (and I've every reasons to think fmsadmin is correct)




Out of sync issue have plagues this Web GUI for years, and nothing has been done to improve this. This is yet another functionality that doesn't work as it should, and can lead to bad decisions, and / or waste some time figuring out what's going one, whereas the purpose of that GU is to represent a truthful image on what's going on the server.


Furthermore, the logging function often dies, with the logging tab being blank despite many refreshes