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    FMGo Update alters PersistentID

    Benjamin Fehr

      Product and version:  FMGo

      OS and version: iOS 10.3.2 beta5

      Hardware: iPhone SE (for other devices, tests pending)

      Description: with FMGo Update, PersistentID altered

      How to replicate: Update from latest FMGo16ETS TestFlight Version to public FMGo16.0.1.160. The PersistentID changes

      Workaround:  none

      Notes: TS, please get a look into Report ETS15251. This issue was experienced before during ETS and reported Oct., 20. 2016

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          Benjamin Fehr:


          Thank you for your post.


          I found the ETS report, and it shows Testing was unable to reproduce the issue.


          Previous tests do show that when you install a new version (not revision) of FileMaker Go, the Persistent ID will change.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Benjamin Fehr

            thanks TSGal

            This will be hard to proof prior to next FMGo16 update. This happened before during ETS with FMGo and now happened again.

            What we know so far is that iOS is creating a individual string within the iApp-Path which FMGo uses to build the PersistentID.

            "Updating" a existing iApp should NOT alter PersistentID.

            "Delete & Re-Install" any iApp will alter PersistentID any time.


            If a FMGo update is based on a 'delete-old-and-install-new Version' routine, the PersistentID will alter.


            Please ask Development for informations about differences between update routines where

            PersistentID altered

            - previous Version (latest ETS) to public FMGo16.0.1.160

            - previous Version to FMGo16.0.1.113


            and where PersistentID remained persistent

            - all other FMGo16 updates during ETS16 period