Benjamin Fehr

WYS ≠ WYG Bug fixed! - FMP vs. FMGo16.0.1.160

Discussion created by Benjamin Fehr on May 9, 2017

Product and version:  FMGo16.0.1.160

OS and version: iOS10.3.2.beta5

Hardware: iOS Devices

Description: With FM prior to FMGo16, Line Heights in FMGo never appeared the way they did in FMP. You had to adjust line height for FMGo by try & error. This bug has been resolved with FMGo16.0.1.160.

see previous report:

WYS ≠ WYG - FMPro vs. FMGo


How to replicate:

Workaround:  Have some text objects twice with HideObject condition to toggle when FMGo Version  ≥16 / < 16

Notes: Fellow developers will have to check and overhaul every iOS GUI Layout!

This Bug Fix should be highlighted in FMI "Whitepaper" for FMGo16!!!