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Graphics not displaying on IOS 10.3.1 devices with FM Go 15.0.3

Question asked by on May 8, 2017

I have a solution hosted on FileMaker Server 14 that has stopped working properly on devices running IOS 10.3.1 (and maybe back to the original IOS 10 upgrade)  On devices running IOS 10 and FM Go 15.0.4, graphics embedded in buttons and container fields are being displayed as a solid black square or rectangle.  Devices running IOS 9 with FM Go 15.0,4 are displaying the graphics and buttons correctly, as they have for a year or so.  We only found the problem when iPads that had came back from the field where they never had wireless access, and hence never had an IOS upgrade, then subsequently did an update.  iPads still out in the field running IOS 9 are working fine.

Computers running MacOS X and Windows are displaying the graphics all fine.


I have explored the possibility of winding the IOS 10 devices back to IOS 9 to see if that fixes the issue, but it seems that is not allowed by Apple.


Is there a way to maybe wind back the FM Go versions to see whether that sheds any light on the issue.


I would appreciate any feedback.