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List(filename) not returning a full list.

Question asked by DonCollier on May 9, 2017
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This is strange.  I discovered, from customer complaints, while using a values list and "Show values only from second field" that random records were showing the first file and not the second. In this case the First field is the ID and the second field is the Company name.


So i did some investigation and discovered that there is something very odd. As follows:


1 The company name appears in the Drop down menu. (it doesn't  have leading spaces or anything that could make a relationship hinky) but when selecting the name it is replaced by the number (first field)


2 If I create  a global relationship to the file and put the company number in the name field displays correctly


3 If i do a list(filename) the name does NOT appear when using the same relationship and the company name!!


4 Every one of the missing names from the value list is missing from the list(filename)


I have tried making a new relationship, indexing the fields and a few other things but nothing makes a difference.


Any ideas from anyone?