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    Call for speakers - 11th October for the UK FileMaker Developer Event of 2017!


      Pencil the date and get your thinking caps on.


      We are now on the look out for your session titles and synopsis for these sessions. Once we’ve gathered and reviewed them, we’ll put them to a vote by those attending to ensure the agenda matches the hot topics you want to be covered. Please leave a comment below with your session title and description. The deadline for submission is 9th June.




      What is it?

      This is two-day developer meeting, run by FileMaker in the UK for members of the FileMaker Community. Content is provided by both FileMaker staff, members of the FileMaker Community and the FileMaker Business Alliance.


      How much is it?



      Where is it?



      When is it?

      Both days from 10:30 until 16:30 (BST).


      How do I join in?

      You need to be a FileMaker Community member and you simply register in advance, by completing the registration form and accepting the terms and conditions of attendance. Watch this space for updates.