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    FMGo16 - Orientation Lock Function deleted

    Benjamin Fehr

      Product and version:  FMGo16.0.1.160

      OS and version: iOS10

      Hardware: all iOS Devices

      Description: FMI has deleted 'Set Allowed Orientation' function with FMGo16. Layouts are designed for Portrait OR Landscape orientation. NOT both. Though user changing orientation with a iOS-Device ends up with a very unpleasant result!

      How to replicate:

      Workaround:  none

      Notes: There are known issues with iOS-Devices with Split Screen support.

      Since Orientation Lock works with iOS10beta on FMGo15, I assume this is not iOS related. I see no reason by iOS circumstances to delete this function.

      It's very important that you bring back this function with FMGo16.



      Bring back "Orientation Lock" in FMGo