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    Apple TouchBar - Communication Issue

    Benjamin Fehr

      Product and version:  FMP16

      OS and version: macOS Sierra

      Hardware:   MacBooks Late 2016 w. TouchBar

      Description: a handsome Swiss FM Developer asks FMI about TouchBar support several times. FMI PM's constantly ignores question and refuse to give info about future plans

      How to replicate: send emails directly to FMI PM's, send in questions for FMI Webinars

      Workaround:  for TouchBar, use latest MBS PlugIn

      Notes: Apple TouchBar was introduces by Apple Inc. end of Oct. 2016. My inquiry to FMI right after wasn't answered. About  1 week(1) after Apple Inc. TouchBar presentation, monkeybreadsoftware kindly asked me to do beta-testing with new MBS version with TouchBar support. Needless to say that MBS TouchBar functions work flawless.

      Still no mention of TouchBar in FM Product Road Map.

      Apple Inc. is expected to update iMac product very soon. New iMac's will most certainly come with a new Apple Macig Keyboard w. TouchBar.


      see Feature Request by vince.menanno :

      TouchBar Support