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    Upgrade path to 16


      I just recently purchased my V15 Advanced upgrade not knowing 16 was so close.  Does anyone know if there is a discount/free upgrade path for recent purchasers?  As standard operating procedure, FMP is not accessible to us.  I get shut down everywhere I go to try to get an answer directly from FileMaker.   There is no information.  Phone calls aren't answered.  Knowledgebase has no knowledge.  Support contact forms won't send due to hidden "errors", etc.  Frustrating.

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          Thank you for your post!


          You will want to Contact Support (North America: 800-325-2747). We do have high call volumes with the release of new software.



          FileMaker, Inc.


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            Thanks!  I can imagine the load right now.  I will continue trying.



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              Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know.  I purchased March 15, 2017.....only two months prior.  But even if their "offer" went back that far I would not do it......


              "You may only use the FileMaker 16 software to replace a validly licensed version of the FileMaker 15 software. The FileMaker 16 upgrade does not constitute the granting of a second license to the software. You may not continue to use the FileMaker 15 software as a separate license, nor may you transfer or sell the FileMaker 15 software to someone else."


              I find the ability to use software I've already paid for, used, and need for previous installations an important "feature" of being a software developer.  This isn't really an offer to upgrade to the latest version because you bought so recently.  It's a trade one for the other and I don't quite understand the logic behind the restriction.  Why not just say "No upgrades".  Same thing basically.

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                I think "as a separate license" means that you can't use 2 'instances' at the same time.  But i could be wrong.

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                  And that would still be restricting my use of paid for software.

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                    For every single user license of FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced you purchased between April 9, 2017 and May 23, 2017, you are eligible to receive the corresponding upgrade version at no charge.

                    FileMaker 16 New Release Special Offer | FileMaker


                    A free upgrade period of one and a half month is to my believe relatively short.

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                      Thanks, didn't see that one!  Still, missed it by two weeks (sigh); yes, a relatively short time indeed.

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                        In fact it's only a month.

                        10 - 23 May is in the future.


                        I wonder who will buy FM15 when FM16 is already available and after buying FM15 upgrade for free to FM16?

                        Seems like a needless step.

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                          It just doesn't seem well thought out and in this instance, as in many instances with FMI, one wonders who's side their on?  I'm the customer and the developer and as developer the more sales I generate for my company, the more sales I generate for FMI.  Why do I feel (internally anyway) always in contention with their intention?  Why does it seem like a fight and why do I continue to rationalize using FMP to myself?


                          As some of you may remember, I posted last year I was leaving FMP due to the FLT licensing which looked to put my products out of reach of my target audience.  I've used FMP extensively since V2.  It was a very big decision for me and the company and I consulted with Tim D. and Hal G. extensively over the decision.  I did end up investing in Xojo and my experience was a very positive  one.  In learning Xojo, I learned a lot about programming that I had never had to deal with before.  I feel comfortable with OOP now and love the power of the system. 


                          My product timeline however is tight and realized I'm much more efficient with FMP and would need to finish the rewrite of my product with FMP rather than re-create it with Xojo.  So I live in two worlds now, heavily invested in both.  I do not know where I'll eventually end up (maybe just stay where I'm at) but right now, I need FMP to be wonderful as it has so many times been in the past.  The problem is the evolution occuring right now with their transitioning into enterprise-like cloud-based be-open-to-the-world paradigm which I believe is also driving their licensing changes.  It will be a tough transition to integrate that with my product but my final analysis is that it is better to have a product on the market than one in a long term production cycle.


                          To be relevant here and to address some others' comments in other posts....what was very impressive with Xojo was their ability to respond to customer requests and needs quickly, produce major additions/changes/improvements in great numbers, and produce a version cycle that runs rings around FMI.  And even with that, as an interesting observation, they still took a lot of flak from users about responsiveness to developers needs .  So complaining is probably ubiquitous, no one will always be satisfied, and never will everyone be happy. 


                          But I'd sure like to see them take care of all MY problems right now.........

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                            This has been cover in the past.   FMI will give customer a free upgrade to the next version.  FMI does not speak about software prior to the release.  If you are a regular user of FM then you can guess when the  next release will be, which is about every year an half.  I believe they are trying to do an annual release.  FM12 was release April 2012, here we are with version 16 


                            I've used XOJO and Livecode and FMI is better.  XOJO pricing is not much better and Livecode is about the same as FMI.   Visual Studio is the better price option with good support but the learning curve is much greater.