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    Server slowness :(


      I have this FileMaker Server 15, Windows, 20 users, nothing really fancy.


      They are complaining about extremely low speed on their FileMaker solution. I see the stats but nothing tells me clearly what is going on. Here is a screenshot in the hope that someone can see something I'm not seeing:


      Server has 16 GB RAM and it has some network traffic but nothing really serious.


      The source monitor shows a low activity for FileMaker Server (the yellow line in the chart):

      But there is an unusual latency in the network (see the first 5 connections):

      I insist that it is something related to their network and not to FileMaker but don't know exactly what it is.


      Hope someone can shed some light here.


      Thanks in advance.



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          This is the last screenshot


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            did you restart the server?


            what FMS15vX?

            Windows 2012 R2?


            anything else running on the server?

            who maintains the server?

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              did you restart the server?


              Actually I reinstalled FMServer.


              what FMS15vX?




              Windows 2012 R2?




              anything else running on the server?


              QuickBooks Enterprise Edition Server


              who maintains the server?


              I do the FileMaker side of things, there is an internal IT guy who does the rest.

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                Markus Schneider

                We got similar experience here. On a customer's site, we have a FileMaker 15.03 32bit Server under Windows 2012R2. There are 6 departments running an own Solution on that server


                The local PC's are virtualized (VMWare Horizon, 4GB RAM, Win 8.1, FM Pro 15.01..15.03)


                General: Slower as under older versions, some users compare FM/FMS15 with FM/FMS11


                One department notices slow-downs after 2+ hours of usage. If they restart their virtual PC's, all is fine again


                During all of the time, FMS doesn't have really much to do.. Network is 5GB/20GB, local installation, no webdirect


                PC's RAM usage is about 50-70%, depending on other software usage. Testing the 'good' departments, there the PC's will even have more load, over 80%, no slow-downs


                Since the solutions all will run fine after boot, it seems like there is something messing up with cache, temp-files, etc. But we can't figure out more at the moment. The solution in question is a single file system - but one of the earlier ones, not really anchor buoy (but not chaotic!)

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                  Hi Markus


                  My case is similar to yours but with a physical server, not virtual. We have a single file solution, 100% A/B and is working very well with other customers in similar setups (similar in hardware).


                  If they restart their server everything runs well for 2 hours more or less and then it slows to a crawl, literally. 30 seconds only for a layout change, 10 seconds for a field tab, and so on...


                  Really frustrating and the customer is biting my neck...

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                    This is where Top Call Stats kicks in greatly. Activate it and let it run.

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                      FMS15v3 might be better - also should run on dedicated server - so no other server should run - this is mentioned in FMS15 specs.

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                        One thing you can try to do is reducing the caches to a minimum: 64 MB on clients and 512 MB on the server.

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                          Thank you, I forgot that. Let's let it run for a while and see. Also lowered the cache to 512 MB.

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                            There are many users with more than one enabled NIC. I asked the IT guy to disable all but one to see if this has an impact.

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                              The server doesn't appear to be waiting on anything, 12 microseconds isn't noticeable.  What is your backup configuration? Could frequent pauses be impacting the UX? What is the latency between client & server?

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                                In most cases latency is below 40 mseg (which seems a lot to me, given it is a local network), however, there are four or five computers with latencies over 190 mseg, which is huge.


                                I'm based in Mexico and this customer is in Costa Rica. My latency is 175 mseg, so they work slower than me!.


                                I've been testing with different backup frequencies with no noticeable change. It's always death-slow.

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                                  Markus Schneider

                                  we are on a superfast local network here and there a 4 user out of over 30 who are having problems. We placed them to different rooms, different vPC's, no success.


                                  I don't think of server problems since the load is minimal and the rest of the users are quite fine - besides of speed that is in general somewhat slower than under V11. There are groups of users who are using V11 databases (just for controlling old data) and the behavior of V11 seems to be crispier (screen redraw...) but all of the rest of the users are not 'handicaped' with the V15


                                  Will lower the client cache today as Siplus suggested and measure the latency one more time

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                                    The Remote Calls number is pretty high but the rest look ok. You should definitely check the TopCall Statistics as already suggested. It's not that easy to use but definitely gives you a great insight.


                                    Although its recommended by FMI to just keep FMS on the server, you might get away with having other services running on the server. I would also recommend to just disable QB server as well and see if that works.


                                    Other things to consider are the disk drive and any snapshotting or other backups that may be running. I am not sure if Windows makes an indexing like on a Mac for searching but that should be disabled too.

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