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Drag & Drop Importing a file

Question asked by npgdan on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by npgdan

I am interested in an easier way for my users to be able to Import a file. My thought was to do 1 of other 2 things: Created a global field that can store the file path of a file or utilize a container field stored locally.


How can I make a Drop & Drop field in my layout that will just record the file path of the file. Then I can make a Variable '$FilePath ' for my import script step?




Make a Container field that is exported to a set folder, that I can make a variable '$FilePath' for my import script step?


The first is the easier and simplest way that I would prefer. The file will always be a .xsls file but ideally I'd like to set one up for .csv as well. This is need due to the file has a different name each time I download it from it source. Would like to just have user 'drag-n-drop' the file then all the work happens.