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    Dacons Mailit very slow




      I have been testing the Dacons Mailit 4.0.14.b144 and the latest version 6.0.5.b37 on a Mac, OSX 10.8.5 using FMP 13.0v9

      because my users are complaining about the time it takes to send emails.


      Sending an email with a 1.7 mb attachment takes 3:07, while if I send the same attachment using BaseElements takes 0:45.


      Both the same mailserver using port 587 and ssl on.


      I have tried to contact Dacons several times the last 2 weeks, but I never got an answer.


      Does anybody know an solution to this? and is Dacons still in business??



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          Unusually Dacons have not responded to our recent questions and previously they've been very helpful. I've just followed up on their support site.


          Is your mail server local to your network or are you having to make the connection from your LAN to a hosted solution?


          We initially had similar problems a few years ago when the local mail server was replaced with a hosted solution via an ADSL connection. We spent a lot of time looking at the multi-threading options within the plug-in but the complexity of these reduced the reliability.


          We've not had to worry about this since as all connections from our systems are within the cloud within Windows, so we've reverted back to the single threaded option.


          The multi-threading did allow for a form of background sending, but it does take quite a bit of scripting.




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            Hi Andy,


            My client is sending emails over a slow ADSL connection to the mail server of his provider. This has been working ok for years until recently where we saw an increase in the time it takes to send emails with attachments.


            I have done tests with different mail servers and different plugins and found that the Mailit plugin is way slower then

            SMTPit or BaseElements in sending emails. (about 4x)


            We are planning to upgrade the client from FM 10 to FM 15 so we need to upgrade the Mailit plugin, or look for a different solution.


            Best regards,


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              Hi Ruben


              I must admit we're starting to feel the same way due to lack of response from them.


              Also, don't forget you can now send multiple attachments from v16, so maybe an option. Our problem is we use other MailIt functions within our systems, so it would be quite a job to rewrite.


              Good luck.



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                Hi Andy,


                Thanks for your feedback.


                My client is also receiving emails from multiple pop servers, which has been working flawlessly for years.

                And he is sending html emails with 1 or multiple attachments.

                I am thinking about creating a sending list and let the server handle the sending of the emails with feedback to the clients since they are sending more and more emails.

                If necessary I have to change to a different plugin if this issue is not solved soon.



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                  Hello Ruben,


                  Have you got a feedback from Dacons since your last post ? Because I'm wondering why they doesn't indicate anything about the comptability of the plugin for FMP16.

                  No news or update on their website and FMP16 is on the market for almost one month.


                  And on my expérience (windows 10) the last version of mailit ( doesn't work


                  I've sent a message on their support, wiaiting for an answer



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                    Hi Ruben


                    To add to this, we've had zero response from Dacons for a couple of months now and have commenced testing a conversion to 360Works Email plug in. There are currently compatibilty problems with this, but we are having good communication with 360Works and are confident that they will resolve these shortly.


                    We are very disappointed about Dacons, having championed them in the past. However, due to absolute silence from their side we're jumping ship, despite the amount of work this is going to take on multiple solutions.


                    Kind regards



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                      Dacons communicates by ticket, generates their ticket?.

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                        FMP16 doesn't allow multiple attachments yet (I wish you where right, I'm using plugin for this reason).

                        The RoadMap says it is for next version (17)



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                          Same here, no response for over a month, so I have decided to move to 360Works, had some issues which were resolved in the 3.0204 version, I see they are at 3.04 so they are moving fast to resolve issues.

                          I have found implementing the 360Works plugin was not to hard, but a lot of work anyway.


                          Best regards,



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                            Sending is easy, you can do that with the free Base Elements plugin

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                              Don't quite understand this Draco. As previously posted we have all been creating support tickets, it is Dacons who are not responding to these tickets.

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                                Hi Andy,


                                We are running a solution with a lot of mail functions (SMTP and IMAP) using Mailit. Since we eventually want to update to FMS16, mainly to benefit from the WD improvements, we are also looking into alternatives.


                                Could you elaborate a little on how you are going moving from Mailit to 360Works? Are there any specific issues you are running in or is there any functionality that you have with Mailit that you can't do with 360Works?


                                I have been going through the function list so far the only Mailit functions we use that I don't see supported with 360Works Email is the ability to export container fields on server, but that function seems to be supported by the Base Elements plugin which could be a good substitute.


                                Any comments would be highly appreciated.

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                                  @draco : I have been posting tickets for the past 8 weeks and there comes no answer, at all, complete silence! Yet they still offer their plugins and accept money form people!?


                                  your post here is not understood

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                                    You can switch to MBS FileMaker Plug-in for sending emails.


                                    Using SMTP via CURL functions. Check SendMail functions to build email with/without HTML, multiple attachments and properly encoded names & texts. Tutorial: Sending emails in FileMaker with MBS Plugin


                                    We can even configure it for Outlook 365, Google mail and others. No problem there.


                                    Or if you like to send via Outlook, please check our new SendMail functions in 7.2 version of our plugin. They can send via Outlook, Thunderbird or other MAPI clients, independent of 32/64bit issues and with a few more options. see Send emails via Outlook

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