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go to field FMGO inconsistencies

Question asked by ericjlindholm on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by antojank

i am using a bluetooth "wedge" scanner paired with an iPad using FMGO.  it types out the code that it reads and follows with a return carriage. 


The barcode is read while a global field is selected.

return carriage causes the go to next field function set up in the inspector  that triggers my scan script with an onObjectValidate. 

The global field that is used to read the code needs to set up for the next scan after each time the script it run.


the scan script is exited with-

     set field [ global::scanner ; "" ]

     go to field [ select/perform ; global::scanner ]

     exit script False



sometimes the curser is there blinking and ready to go and some times the field is in focus ( as indicated by the inspector formatting style) but the curser is not there. 


Is there a way to get a consistent result?  I've tried go to object as well.  It seems to be even worse with my FMGo 16 testing which leads me to believe i am doing something wrong. 


Thanks in advance!