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    FM 16 - Scroll bars missing


      Is there a setting I'm missing in 16 to make scroll bars on the windows always visible?  I realize I'm quite likely in the minority here, but I prefer my windows to always have scroll bars, whether or not the content exceeds the current size of the window.  Even more annoying, the've removed the bar at the bottom that contained the zoom and toggle status buttons.  I'd really like to get both of these back.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Those items at the bottom are removed. You can use the commands ( Command, + or -) to zoom in and out and use the shortcut (Command + L to go to layout) to go to a different mode.

          I think it makes the interface much more app like. I have gotten tripped up on the lack of the zoom control at the bottom, but it is more for me a habit-change. After awhile using 16, I barely remember that the zoom controls are at the bottom.


          If your users need to zoom in, you can use that script step and attach it to a button. Or they have access to that command in the View menu.

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            Worth to mention: sometimes you have layout parts that are very very thin - with the old icons at bottom left you could switch and have the part title displayed horizontally, so that it could be easily selected and manipulated.


            Well, rejoice: even if the 2 icons are not there any more, now you can toggle between the two by cmd-click on any visible part title.


            As for zooming, I've been using cmd + / - with photoshop since it was public domain, so I'm happy to do it in Filemaker 16 now.

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              I appreciate the replies.  Problem is, my users are the very definition of "intransigence".  I have users who don't even have their right-click turned on at the OS level and have never used a key command in their lives!  Filemaker has now forced me to either try to teach a fish to ride a bicycle, or rebuild all of my layouts to put back the buttons they've taken away, rather than giving me the choice of leaving things the way they've been forever.  Just because some users think it looks better is no reason to permanently remove pieces of the interface!

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                Excellent point.

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                  tbh, we have users still on Filemaker 9-11 and with no intention to change.


                  Your clients do have options: stay on 15 or change to 16. Tbh, to deploy a v X.0 to clients is absurd anyway, you clearly want the dust to land and settle a couple of months. And if your clients still select text then go to the edit menu to select "Cut" or "Paste" then I envy you. MY clients fight for every millisecond they can gain, and hitting cmd-+  is much faster than moving the mouse pointer exactly to the right spot then clicking.

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                    Yeah. I would stick with 15 if the missing icons bother your users so much.  A simple button that opens up a small card window maybe down at the bottom-left could explain the change and teach them. This is a simple change that users will get used to and not look back, in my opinion.


                    On a card window, you can set it to open in that exact spot, so there's a great opportunity to use a new feature of 16 to teach someone a simple change.


                    The point about giving you a choice to remove them is valid, but I see apps adapting and modernizing all the time. I certainly wouldn't want to see the UI of FM 7 or earlier. Remember that rolodex thing in FileMaker? Eww. Would not want that to persist.

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                      Oh, I wasn't going to deploy today, or anything.  I always debug before I let anyone else use a new version.  This was just a glaring potential problem I saw, so I wanted to check if there was a solution.  And I agree cmd +/- is better and faster, but removing flexibility solely for aesthetic reasons is unacceptable, in my opinion.  I happen to like my windows to always have visible scroll and status bars.  Even Apple has left them as options you can toggle on and off, and they're the epitome of "my way or the highway" when it comes to interface design changes.

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                        I had the same problem - my users prefer everything to be obvious and aren't good with keyboard shortcuts.


                        I did find that Filemaker has provided a part on layout mode called "Bottom Navigation" (under Layouts > Part Setup).  This will create a Navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.  You will still need to create buttons on this panel to replace the buttons previously provided.  I created buttons to "Set Zoom Level" to 100, zoom in and zoom out; toggle the toolbar and a couple of other things.  Then I grouped these buttons, made navigation panels on all my layouts and copied/pasted the button bar onto each layout.  Took a little time but at least I got my bar back!!!  I'm not sure if it is a function of the Bottom Navigation part, but I noticed that the scroll bars also are displaying.

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