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Need select box for whether to include item in report

Question asked by homeautomator on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by homeautomator

Our non profit organization uses the attached FMP file for managing participants in a workshop we do. On Day 4 of the workshop we print a contact list for distribution, and we have them indicate on a printed copy what information they want (or don't want) distributed to each other. We would like to be able to put a check box selector labeled "don't include in mailing list" for each item from "Address1" to "email" on day one, and then when we generate the report, it would exclude those items from those records.


We'd still like to be able to print a "master copy" that would contain ALL data (for our records). For the life of me, I just haven't been able to figure this out.


Any help would be hugely appreciated!