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    Lookup Failing when the other works, but only for one Privilege Set


      Hi there,


      As do millions of other files, I have a couple of fields in a database to track who creates and modifies a record. They're (unsurprisingly) called "Creator" and "Modifier" and are Auto Enter Account Name. They're also used as the fields to lookup the EmployeeUUID from the Employees file and stick them into the relevant ____UUID fields. Neat, groundbreaking technology right there, eh?


      However, something's amiss. When a "User" level account (that can only see their records) creates a new record, the CreatorUUID Lookup fails and inserts the "ERROR" message that I set if there isn't a match. This is dependent on access level. The ModifierUUID Lookup works perfectly, every time. Other accounts don't have this problem. When I temporarily allowed modification of the Creator field, the lookup worked, so nothing's broken there. To summarize:


      CreatorUUID Lookup

      • Works every time on unrestricted accounts that can view all records
      • Fails on User-level account  (set to only view records that match the CreatorUUID or CreatedForUUID to Globals::UserUUID that's set at startup)
      • Works if you re-enter the Creator field again
      • Relationship refers to the same field as the others



      • Works every time, regardless of access level
      • Relationship refers to the same field as the others


      There's also a CreatedForUUID field for those instances when someone makes a record on behalf of another user.


      Any ideas here? I'm flummoxed.