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Lookup Failing when the other works, but only for one Privilege Set

Question asked by user25682 on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi there,


As do millions of other files, I have a couple of fields in a database to track who creates and modifies a record. They're (unsurprisingly) called "Creator" and "Modifier" and are Auto Enter Account Name. They're also used as the fields to lookup the EmployeeUUID from the Employees file and stick them into the relevant ____UUID fields. Neat, groundbreaking technology right there, eh?


However, something's amiss. When a "User" level account (that can only see their records) creates a new record, the CreatorUUID Lookup fails and inserts the "ERROR" message that I set if there isn't a match. This is dependent on access level. The ModifierUUID Lookup works perfectly, every time. Other accounts don't have this problem. When I temporarily allowed modification of the Creator field, the lookup worked, so nothing's broken there. To summarize:


CreatorUUID Lookup

  • Works every time on unrestricted accounts that can view all records
  • Fails on User-level account  (set to only view records that match the CreatorUUID or CreatedForUUID to Globals::UserUUID that's set at startup)
  • Works if you re-enter the Creator field again
  • Relationship refers to the same field as the others



  • Works every time, regardless of access level
  • Relationship refers to the same field as the others


There's also a CreatedForUUID field for those instances when someone makes a record on behalf of another user.


Any ideas here? I'm flummoxed.