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    Show Last Related Record


      I have a layout with a field from a related record (a child record of a parent ---<child relationship)  .  I would like that related field to show the last related (child) record rather than the first.


      I might have seen something in the past about using   List    but can't seem to find that discussion now.


      Can anyone suggest a solution.   


      In case it matters, the field I want displayed is a container field with a PDF

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          There is the last function. It will return the value of a single field from the last related record.


          There is the option to use a one row sorted portal with a sort order that puts the last related record first. This can be done by sorting an auto-entered serial number or timestamp field in descending order.


          ExecuteSQL could also be used to return multiple values from the last related record in a single field.

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            Thank-you.  The portal works beautifully.





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