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    Vertical Anchoring does not work with Top Nav Or Bottom Nav parts


      Product and version

      FileMaker Go 16.0.1


      OS and version

      iOS 10.3.1



      iPad / iPhone



      Objects in the body part anchored to the bottom, top and bottom or neither top nor bottom are incorrectly positioned when the layout includes a Top Navigation and/or a Bottom Navigation part. Specifically, the vertical position of the object is offset by the combined total height of the Top and Bottom navigation parts.


      How to replicate

      In a layout with top and/or bottom navigation parts, anchor an object in the body part to the bottom, top and bottom or neither top nor bottom





      See below for an example. The blue rectangle is anchored to the bottom-right and is the full height of the body part.  In FileMaker Go 16, the blue rectangle's top position is 100px lower that it should be. 100px is the sum of the navigation part heights:


      There is 100px of space above the blue rectangle and it extends 100px off the bottom of the screen meaning the layout scrolls.


      In FileMaker Go 15 the anchoring works correctly. Here is how it displays the exact same layout:


      I have attached a demo file so anyone can test on FileMaker Go 16, and compare with FileMaker Go 15.


      This is a pretty serious issue. It makes FileMaker Go 16 unusable for us, and I assume many others too.