FM16 how will you handle the upgrade?

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on May 9, 2017
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This is more of a discussion to see what others do rather than a question.


For me I always wait until the v1 release before rolling out any software to production unless I'm specifically asked by a client to upgrade.

Thoughts that go into this are

- Pro upgrade: FM16 has no file format change, and is on the heels of a long line of reliable versions "v0" versions.

- Pro upgrade: My testing has shown that remote access via WAN is faster, Windows SDI change (application based testing required).

- Con upgrade: FM16 comes with a warning about the "go to object" step that it behaves differently so a DDR and a little bit of testing to make sure that the specific case is handled is required.

- Con upgrade: Waiting until v1 comes out means waiting a sufficiently long time to see if anyone else has an issue with a particular feature that I use and find any bugs.



Question number two for consultants.  Do you hype up clients about an FM upgrade or do you play the patient game like me?  I'm usually so conservative.