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    FM16 how will you handle the upgrade?


      This is more of a discussion to see what others do rather than a question.


      For me I always wait until the v1 release before rolling out any software to production unless I'm specifically asked by a client to upgrade.

      Thoughts that go into this are

      - Pro upgrade: FM16 has no file format change, and is on the heels of a long line of reliable versions "v0" versions.

      - Pro upgrade: My testing has shown that remote access via WAN is faster, Windows SDI change (application based testing required).

      - Con upgrade: FM16 comes with a warning about the "go to object" step that it behaves differently so a DDR and a little bit of testing to make sure that the specific case is handled is required.

      - Con upgrade: Waiting until v1 comes out means waiting a sufficiently long time to see if anyone else has an issue with a particular feature that I use and find any bugs.



      Question number two for consultants.  Do you hype up clients about an FM upgrade or do you play the patient game like me?  I'm usually so conservative.

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          Devon Braun

          Well, I'd jump on it ASAP and start testing early to see if there's any downside, and if so, how significant an issue.  Strangely I can't figure out how to upgrade.  If you have an annual license, how do you go about obtaining FM 16?

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            You will receive an email with the upgrade.  If you want it ASAP you can email your local FileMaker rep and ask them to send it through.  I've received some upgrade emails already, but I know that they can take a few days to come through for some.

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              Devon Braun

              Few days in no big deal.  Looking forward to the new features.

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                CarlSchwarz My testing has shown FM16 to be pretty reliable and the speed is a great improvement. It looks like there are a few small issues, but for running a solid solution built in a previous version without any new FM16 features I think the FMP client is good to go for deployment. (As long as your GTO error capture is good)


                I have the ability with a few clients to remote admin 1-2  machines to do an upgrade in production and see how that goes. I only ever see improvements and have never seen a bad thing happen. I did find once a 32 bit plugin dependent process that requires FMP12 to run when moving to 13 and had to work around that, but that currently keeps that server at v14, but so far running FMP16 on one client today has no issues. The plan is to rework that process soon though.


                Internally I have two machines that run the latest OS available and the latest FM/FMS updates.  Although I have not done a Win Server 2016 test yet.


                I am usually not hot to change clients over right away. I try to wait a couple of weeks at least to see if anything serious pops up. I know the Beta testing is quite involved, but putting it out in the wild is another level of testing that happens. We talk about the new version and plan for the update. Many companies have to plan downtime anyway and that could be a while. They also have the balance of not fixing it if its not broken, but also want the latest thing available.