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Upgrade from 15 to 16

Question asked by knightman on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by schamblee

I just purchase FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced Annual Volume License through (legacy licensing options) in 4/26/2017. I tried to update my current software from the help, it gave me (FileMaker Pro Advanced is the current version).

This is my first time purchasing FileMaker software, What i'm use to with other annual licensing software like Adobe, Office 365, Parallels, and others annual licensing or month to month is soon as new update and/or upgrade release it will be available for download (no license key need to be change no other complication very straight forward click upgrade and you set.


Now with purchase Filemaker 15 is that something I need to address with customer support or submit a return and purchase another FM 16. (which it doesn't' make since).


OR I just need to wait for the main system to realize there is a new update available maybe.