Using FM16 JSON and card windows to build a FileMaker Search module

Discussion created by mark_scott on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by bigtom

I don’t know about you, but we’re all pretty excited about FileMaker 16; it’s a very important release for the platform.


I’ve been working on a demo file that shows off some of the new features working together:  JSON to pass structured data in script parameters, card windows to show data from an entirely different context (or file) within a FileMaker window, modern dialog windows thanks to the removal or 1980s-era chrome, and many others.


Best of all, it’s far more than just a “feature-demo” file:  LOgiCATOR is a complete and powerful FileMaker search module that can be easily integrated into other FileMaker applications.  In fact, it didn’t start out as a FileMaker 16 project at all, but rather as an attempt to develop a FileMaker implementation of an intuitive search interface I had been intrigued by for some time.  Still, I’m not sure it would have been possible without FileMaker 16.


The blog post “Introducing LOgiCATOR: A Modular Search Interface for FileMaker 16” describes LOgiCATOR’s genesis and core features, and invites you to download and explore.  Oh, almost forgot: it’s free!


So, if you want to check out real-life examples of how to use JSON to pass structured data in script parameters, find out what card windows bring to the user interface, or just see whether the LOgiCATOR search UI is something that might work in your solutions, please feel free to check it out.