Filemaker 16: Forced restart without asking on Windows 10 while installing

Discussion created by golife on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by user19752

I am too happy that Filemaker 16 now allows showing separate windows and not this awful ugly multi-document interface as before. It is the main and most outstanding point for Windows users. Great - great - great! (I would have needed this 10 years ago.)


But I had an issue installing the new version. After running the fmp_trial_fm_16.0.1.162_x64 setup, Filemaker was downloading the Windows C++ libraries -- which is fine. Just takes quite some time. The whole installation for me took about 30 minutes.


But then WITHOUT ASKING the computer restarted during the installation process.


I understand that a restart might be necessary, but doing this without asking the user is not the polite way of doing it. There may be viable reasons for a user to wait and to restart at a later time, or stop the process.


I suggest to at least inform the user before running the installation that during the installation the computer might restart out of a sudden and if the user did not want this, then he could decide for a later time. Then the user can prepare.