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Filemaker Server 15 Renew SSL Certificate - GoDaddy

Question asked by futurepacer on May 10, 2017


I have had my GoDaddy SSL certificate for almost a year on FMS15 and it's coming to the time I need to renew it.

I went to the GoDaddy site paid for and requested a renewal without generating a new request in FMS15 because nothing on the deployment has changed and GoDaddy did it's usual checks then generated the relevant docs for import info FMS.


Having downloaded them I was unable to import them and got error message:

"Certificate could not be imported: Failed to verify the signed certificate and the intermediary certificate"


I guess my question is do I need to create a new cert request in FMS15 and get a new one from GoDaddy as if it wasn't a renewal but a new deployment?


Thanks for all responses