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    Windows based variables BROKEN


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro 16.0.1

      OS and version

      Mac and Windows


      iMac Retina 5 K 27''


      With prior versions (since 11 at least), it was possible to index a global variable upon a window (a window based variable). The trick used was to pass in the repetition of the variable the expression Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ). You get a tremendous number with, lets say, maybe 30 digit, but it worked like a charm as a repetition number. The new version broke this technique since it seems the repetition of a variable only retain the 17 last digits.

      How to replicate

      A report has been made back channel to TSPigeon and a file has been posted.


      Not found at this time.


      My existing solutions are all broken since i used this trick to highlight the current record of each window of a solution.