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FileMaker 16 - Windows SDI issue

Question asked by markpelleymounter on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by user19752

Whilst I appreciate the fact that the change to SDI for Windows user has been much requested and hailed, One very apparent problem has arisen.


One of the main FileMaker 'custom apps' that we use in-house makes use of multiple windows, with a menu system that brings the relevent window to the front when pressed. The user can arrange those windows as he/she may need within the MDI bounding box.


Now, the problem we are having is if the user clicks the windows "Show Desktop" button built into Windows OS taskbar, all of the windows are minimised to the taskbar (as expected).  If the user then later wants those FileMaker windows to be restored, there is no way of doing that. (well, there is but is a very clunky shift and right mouse then select "Restore All Windows" )


There is a script step "Arrange All Windows - Bring All to Front", but this does not function as intended - in fact it does nothing.


Have any other Windows users come accross this issue, and what workarounds have been developed?