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    Open/Import Script


      Afternoon all,


      I'm wanting to open another filemaker file and then import specific data from the starting file; i.e.,


      From file "Case Event"

      Open "Case Notes"

      "Import" specific fields

      remain in Case Notes for data entry

      then return to Case Event


      I think I can return to "Case Event" with a separate script/button...


      Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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          If both files are referenced, then you should be able to just have a script in File A that runs a script in File B. The File B script would import records from a referenced File A, then close itself.


          File A Script:

          Perform Script [ From File B ; Import Records From File A ]


          File B Script (Import Records From File A)

          Go To Layout [ File A Records ]

          Perform Find [ Records to Import ]

          Go To Layout [ File B Destination ]

          Import Records [ map File A table to File B destination ]

          Close File [ File B ]

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            Note that you can have multiple tables within one file. There is no need for these to be separate files.

            Understood that they are separate tables; and perhaps you truly do need to perform an import.