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    FM 16 / Win10: Drag + Drop to Container not working


      Product and version fm16


      Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 13.05.30.png


      OS and version

      Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 13.07.08.png




      Hardware Running on a mac in a virtual machine


      ISSUE 1 Description


      On Windows 10 with the just released fm16 it is not possible to drag images between containers.


      From Desktop to container works, but not container to container. See video:





      ISSUE 1 How to replicate


      1. Create a file with two containers. ...or use the attached file.
      2. Drag image Desktop -> Container -> OK
      3. Drag image Container -> Container -> [+] appears but nothing happens!


      ISSUE 1 Workaround


      Use a mac!

      On windows: none




      This is a major issue! Please correct, as this impacts central functionality, making it impossible to upgrade to fm16.0.1


      ISSUE 2


      Noticed only in passing, but it looks like a big issue too: As can be clearly seen in the video the menus keep redrawing themselves!


      -> I'll post separately.