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    Baseball average (summary)


      OK, I'm stuck on what I thought would be a fairly simple database of baseball stats.


      This screenshot shows a detailed report.  Ultimately I will remove the body part to just show the summary fields.  They body is there for testing/viewing only.


      All the TOTAL_AB, TOTAL_R, TOTAL_H, etc. fields are easy SUMMARY fields "total of AB" etc.


      The TOTAL_AVG field is a calc though.  "TOTAL_H / TOTAL_AB".  That works for the line by line body but not the summary.


      How can I create a summary field for the average?  I cannot use the average function because with that you can only point to one field?!



      Hopefully I made the question clear.  I've probably just been looking FM for too long and missing something easy.  I hope someone can shed some light!!