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Question asked by TKnTexas55 on May 10, 2017
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There is some accounting data that is only available when checks are written ... it does not store the data in a table.  It is the remittance information, what invoices (and credits) are paid by what checks.


I write the remittances to a text file.  Using case statement calculations, I test for the type of line.  I had to put a constant in the header and in the footer of the remittances for the test to work.  Friday was my first live test, and worked great.  Today was the second use and there was a problem.


I eliminate all of the lines I can identify, that leaves data (XXDATA) as the reminder.  That ends up being the invoices (credit memos).


I have shown the calculation test, followed by the results.  Line 6 has the XXXX and should be a Header1 result.  But it shows the test to be Del.


This file is small enough, but tomorrow we will be writing a larger number of checks.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions.  I get the same results from FMPAdv 15 and FMPAdv 16.