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    FM16 - New Window Step (Windows 2012 r2)


      I started testing out our solution in FM16 today, connected to FMS15.  I bumped into this problem.


      We typically run our solution full screen, and users typically have a few windows open and bounce between them using the window step from the menu bar.  So it is common that you are on layout1, click a button, and a new window opens up to take you to layout2. 


      Problem: Window2 (layout2) opens behind Window1 and doesn't bring itself forward.  I have tried to bring all windows to the front, select window Window2, move/resize window window2. 


      Any other ideas?


      Button Click from Search Results

      New Window

      go to layout blank

      perform find (finds the selected item)

      go to layout display


      I added

      Select window

      move/resize window


      But the new window is still in the background.

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          Thank you for your post!


          I was unable to reproduce this issue on Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit) with FileMaker Pro 16 (Advanced). To attempt to reproduce I followed these steps:

          1. Created "Test.fmp12"

          2. Created Script "NewWindow" which contains a New Window Script Step with all default settings

          3. Saved script and returned to my original window and default layout

          4. Ran "NewWindow"

          *Second Window was brought to the front


          Can you provide any additional information that might help reproduce?


          A New Window with the Floating Document option would always stay in front. If a Floating Window was created before this New Window you are having issues with, then the New Window would be unable to come to the front.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            i'm having a similar if not same issue with FM16 on Windows 10


            Do you have any Pre event script triggers?


            My steps

            1) Change field via a Drop-down list in Window 1

            2) Triggers an OnObjectSave Script Trigger that opens window 2 if yada yada

            3) Script Trigger falls through the end Window 2 is behind window 1

            5) Debugging script shows window comes to front after script exits as if an Exit false happened.


            Putting a Halt Script step at end of Script Trigger fixes issue.


            FM16 connected to FM15 Server

            Saved stand alone copy and same problem exists with local compacted file


            All works fine on Macintosh and Windows 10 FM15



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              I am able to reproduce this issue on Windows 7 Professional Sp1 (64-bit) with FileMaker Pro 16 (Advanced). I was not able to reproduce this issue in MacOS Sierra. To reproduce, I followed these steps:

              1. Created "test.fmp12"

              2. Created "Field"

              3. Modified "Field" to be a Drop-Down Menu with Value List "Test" [One ; Two ; Three]

              4. Created Script "New Window"

                   If [ Field = "Two"

                        New Window [ Style:Document ; Name: "Window2" ; Using Layout: <Current Layout> ]

                   End If

              5. Set OnObjectSave Script Trigger for "Field" to "New Window"

              6. Clicked "Field" and selected "Two"

              -On Windows, the Original Window was brought back to the front.

              -I did confirm this works as expected in FileMaker Pro 15 (Advanced).


              I will send a report to Testing and Development for review. When further information is available, I will post back here.



              FileMaker, Inc.


              Edit: I did notice you were not experiencing this on Mac

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                I can confirm we have not had this issue on any of the MacOS installs of FM16 or FM16 advanced 


                We only have Windows 10 FM16 installs all of which all show this issue. 



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                  I should have added some more specifics.


                  This script takes the user to the record they have selected in a new window leaving the search window open in the background.


                  My Script does the following

                  Sets 9 global variables

                  Sets a global field in another table to ""

                  Opens the new layout

                  Performs the find of the desired record

                  Confirms we have found the record and exits if not

                  Checks a global variable for a user preference (pattern count), then sends the user to 1 of 2 layouts

                  Once on that layout

                  Sets some more variables (based on that context)

                  enters a log into another table using a plugin that allows you use SQL INSERT INTO



                  PROBLEM FOUND:

                  check's system platform if windows it runs another .exe to confirm the folder exists on the share where we want to store documents and creates it if it doesn't.


                  If I halt right before that other .exe running it works fine.  I tried the "bring the application to the foreground" both selected and not.  It was selected in FM 15 with no problems.