Dropdown holds the previous value.

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I need some help in regards to dropdown.


I have a dropdown of products SKU. I've also got look up set up so when user selects the SKU code, the product name associated automatically comes up.


All wrorks fine.


Just a small problem. When I select SKU code. The products name appears. but When I select another SKU code the new products name appear but the SKU fields holds the previous selected SKU. And this just continues,. So every time I select SKU code from the SKU dropdown field, yes it will show me the right product, but the SKU fields display the previous clicked SKU code.


In below example The product name is linked with 3rd SKU code from the SKU dropdown. But becuase "01-CR1......" was previously clicked SKU, it shows me the previous code.


Anyway this can be fixed.


Many Thanks.