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"Layout Objects window" demo video questions

Question asked by realgrouchy on May 10, 2017
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The video demos for the new FM16 features (Watch demos, video tutorials, and learn about the new features in FileMaker 16 ) are very informative. Unfortunately, I've noticed a few shortcomings, particularly with the Layout Objects window demo:


- The video opens by saying that the window shows items in creation order. This is not correct (unless the user hasn't changed the order of any objects on the layout). Rather, it shows items in order of the topmost item first (z-order). This z-order functionality is mentioned incidentally near the end of the video (~50 seconds before end).


- The video does not demonstrate hiding a single layout object before selecting multiple objects and hiding them. Ideally a demo would show hiding and unhiding a single object before moving to more complicated variations of the technique.


- If I hide an object in the Layout Objects window, and I don't unhide it before leaving Layout mode, does it remain hidden in Browse mode? If I then return to Layout mode, will it remember which objects I previously had hidden?



I also have two unanswered questions after viewing the Card demo:


- If I set a new window to open in Card view, how do previous versions of FM handle it?


- How does this look in WebDirect? I seem to recall there were some issue with new window creation on WebDirect and I'm curious if this opens the new window as an element within the same window, or as a new window/tab.


(Unfortunately I need to upgrade my OS before I can install FM16 myself so I can't look into these last three questions. I look forward to making great use of both of these features!)




- RG>