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Selector Connector and FileMaker 16

Question asked by DaleLong on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by HOnza

Some time ago I began a project to refactor our facility's database relationship graph with the Selector Connector design pattern. The main appeal of this design pattern for me was the ability to easily design reusable components, such as pickers, because of the common context for all base tables.


Now FileMaker 16 has the 'card' window type. My understanding is this card window is modal, and has its own context independent of its parent window. This seems to suggest you could pretty easily make reusable pickers using this technique. In fact, you can make much more complex implementations it seems, since the card has the full gamut of layout possibilities as opposed to the limitations you might encounter on a popover picker (I've tried to put a popover in a portal and then put another portal on the popover on quite a few occasions).


Since FM16 seems to give another way to make reusable pickers, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just abandon S/C altogether and just convert the graph to anchor/buoy. I do have an additional consideration that our user base likes to use multiple windows, which has become a serious hindrance to expanding the S/C implementation in our system. This is a behavior that is not likely to change, and I've been hesitant to move forward with deeper S/C refactoring because of it. At this point it's seeming probably better in the long run to just switch to using card window pickers and abandoning the S/C refactor.


So are there any good reasons to maintain S/C? Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated!