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Add color to the FMP 16 on Windows?

Question asked by tangobravo on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by imarc

Watching the videos on Youtube about FMP 16, one creator said the interface was modernize and updated in FMP 16.


Well, maybe in Mac, but in Windows it's circa 2013, as in Office (albino edition). Heck, even Microsoft (EVEN MICROSOFT!!!!) added back some color in Office 2016.


Absolutely horrible on my 4k monitor. No contrast whatsover. All flat. Just a white screen with a few lines an some text.


Whoever in Filemaker authorized this design change (and whoever thought it up in the first place) should be fired immediately IMHO. (they secretly work for Microsoft (MS Access division)


I'll try using colored glasses to see if that helps.


Too bad. RestAPI and JSON was a step forward. This interface is 2 steps back.