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    Add color to the FMP 16 on Windows?


      Watching the videos on Youtube about FMP 16, one creator said the interface was modernize and updated in FMP 16.


      Well, maybe in Mac, but in Windows it's circa 2013, as in Office (albino edition). Heck, even Microsoft (EVEN MICROSOFT!!!!) added back some color in Office 2016.


      Absolutely horrible on my 4k monitor. No contrast whatsover. All flat. Just a white screen with a few lines an some text.


      Whoever in Filemaker authorized this design change (and whoever thought it up in the first place) should be fired immediately IMHO. (they secretly work for Microsoft (MS Access division)


      I'll try using colored glasses to see if that helps.


      Too bad. RestAPI and JSON was a step forward. This interface is 2 steps back.



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          Not sure what you're babbling on about here. The major interface update that came out for windows in v16 is the ability for each window to be it's own independent application window. In <16, every window was contained inside of a single filemaker application window which caused really odd behaviors sometimes with window control script steps.


          This is a HUGE leap forward for windows users of filemaker... and you're complaining about the colors of the icons in the toolbars?

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            Steve Wright

            There isn't much difference (color-wise) on the toolbars between FM15 and FM16, aside from removing the grey background and perceivable depth of the remaining items, such as dividers / dropdowns etc.


            In fact, color has been added when comparing to older versions, such as 11 in some places on the toolbar but removed in others.


            In FM11:

            Toolbar background: grey

            Toolbar stylings: embossed / appearance of depth

            Browse mode: colored icons

            Layout mode:  grey icons.


            In FM15:

            Toolbar background: grey

            Toolbar stylings: flatter than 11, but occasional appearance of depth

            Browse mode: grey icons

            Layout mode: colored icons


            In FM16:

            Toolbar background: white

            Toolbar stylings: flat.

            Browse mode: grey icons

            Layout mode: colored icons


            I detect some sarcasm in your post, I may be wrong since it doesn't translate well to written text, but suggesting firing somebody over a minor design change (turning grey to white) seems a bit overboard.

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              I did think the look was a little stark, especially the toolbars (which have changed from battleship gray to #FFFFFF), when I first fired it up. I don't know what the alternative would be, though. MS Office applications have the luxury of having distinct colors as part of their branding (Word = blue, Excel = green, etc.) that they can use for their chrome, but I don't think anyone wants FM to turn all of its windows purple.


              The consolation is that we avoid exposing the toolbars as much as possible so it shouldn't affect us too much, and the card windows don't even have the title bar/menubar unless you specifically ask for it.