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    Fields go blank, but they still hold the value.


      Good Morning community.


      Hope everyone is very well.


      Just got this strange issue, wounder if someone else can help me with this.


      I got a form to create new order. The way it works is I've got orders portal. And I've got a button outside portal "New Order". When I click that button, FM goes to last record in portal which is an empty row and I've got popover form so it opens that popover; allowing me to create an new order.

      Nice and simple.


      Image of popover.


      The problem is when I select any value from dropdown or input any value in edit fields, soon I move to next fields, the fields I just edit becomes sort of blank. But it still contain the value. When I click back in that fields (see picture above), I can still see the value. But when I move to next fields, that value becomes invisible.


      I'm not sure what is causing that.


      Thank you in advance everyone.