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    Updating Filemaker iOS - Retain User Data


      Hoping someone can help me with this.


      We need to issue an update for our app through the Apple App Store while ensuring that user data (for those using the current version) is not lost in the update. Not finding much information on how to achieve this so any help would be appreciated.

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          richardcarlton (RC Consulting) and toddgeist (Geist Interactive) have done a number blogs & videos on this topic as well. Try searching for FIAS. The blog post mikebeargie suggested is informative.


          To get plenty of understanding I submitted a simple app. I use this as a live development tool for different things Including testing update strategies.


          I would like to note that initially the live dev app was free and too many people started downloading it for my comfort. I gave it $29 price tag to discourage this from happening. This worked but still managed to get 9 people to buy it at that price. Three of those people regularly apply any iOS updates and I find myself actually trying to give them useful improvements. Not what I expected.

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            I believe the only interesting thread I ran across on the topic before I posted was yours. Did the yzysoft method end up working for you? I could be wrong, but that method seems cumbersome and convoluted.


            Also, this gave me pause:

            "Scripts should be in the old and new files at the time of updating, so you have to think about this technique before delivering the first version of your app."


            Problem is I already have users, do any of the known solutions address this? Can't have them update and lose everything....


            This bites... I incorrectly assumed that Filemaker being what it is, a program that revolves around records/database(s), that it would be somewhat easy to ensure user data is not lost when updated through the App Store. It seems rather ridiculous to have to jump through scripting hoops for this functionality.


            Anyhow, I'm currently checking out some of the videos from Geist Interactive. I appreciate the suggestion.

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              Yes, the yzysoft method works.  I have used it and it works.    


              FMI states it does not recommend or support Apps being distributed through the App Store :Clarification of iOS App SDK Support


              Yes,  this should had been consider before you delivered your first version of your app.   It has been over a year ago since I added this ability to my app but I think it may still work with the scripts not being in the first App, it will not be as eloquent.   You will have to change the name of the database so it does not overwrite the previous database.  For example mydatabase.fmp12 then the new version would be mydatabase2.fmp12.  


              I believe Todd Geist update procedures uses GoZync.

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