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    FM 16 text buttons vs FM 15


      Mac OS 10.12.4


      Maybe I am missing something but I have been paying attention to eMails post FM 16 release and who would want. I have not seen this issue appear.


      A Solution has over 1200 layouts many of which have multiple instance’s of “Text” set as a button, see screen grabs.


      FileMaker 15 Layout Text manipulation:

        1. Borders are allowed

        2. Gradients are allowed

      FM 15 butto.png



      Filemaker 16 Layout Text manipulation:

        1. Borders are not allowed

        2. Gradients are not allowed


      Note: Group is the only drop down available

      FM 16 buttons.png



      I would want to ask why this Text “manipulation” is no longer available ?


      Or, Please enlighten me