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    Can global fields can do lookup



      I've done some quick research on "can global fields can have look up". So if I setup an look on global field, will it get the related value from related table.


      I couldn't find much information that's why I'm posting this question here.


      Thank you.

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          A global field can be a match field in the relationship used if it's defined in the same table as the field looking up data.


          A global field cannot hold the data being looked up as far as I know, but then this would not be necessary either as an auto-enter calculation can simply copy the value from the global field.

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            I have orders table and Products table.


            The global field is in order table. And It will have value list attached which will contain all products from products table.


            So If I create an relationship between 2 tables like this


            orders::globalfield = Products:ProductsName


            And set up Lookup on globalfield.


            Will this work??

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              Your question makes no sense.

              There are at lest TWO field involved in lookups. There can be more.

              Example: the match field is ProductID.

              Fields which get populated when a ProductID is entered include Description; product unit weight' and unit price.

              All these fields could be set as globals; but then what happens after the global are populated?

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                There are other trees you should be barking up here.


                It's not clear what you want the final result to be, but having a global field look up a value is not the right method.

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                  agree with David Jondreau... you may want to backup and explain the problem you're trying to solve or the result you're after.  Asking if a technique will work isn't really the best way to learn how to solve a problem. 


                  Try turning the question around to "how-do-i-achieve X"


                  For instance, it seems like you're trying to select a product for a line item, but the focus on the global field means maybe what you're after isn't so straightforward as just choosing a product.  If you'll elaborate, there's a bunch of us here ready to pounce with a solution.