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FileMaker 11 can it recover from a reboot?

Question asked by lado on May 11, 2017
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HI all,

I have a question and I do not have any background in FileMaker.

I am the Server Administrator for our Global Infrastructure and we have a request in regard to one of my Servers running FIleMaker 11.


We have FileMaker 11 running on a Win2008 R2 Server.

Every month we push the usual MS updates to our servers and they require a bounce.


We are being asked to perform the below steps since the FileMaker 11 Server will not recover from a bounce.


  1. Login to Server and run the FileMaker Server Admin Console.
    It is expected that you will receive the warning "The Database Server is not available"
  2. Before restarting, review the server log to make sure shut down was completed“gracefully” (file closure properly executed by FM Server as part of the system shutdown process when requested by the operating system). Click on “Log Viewer.”
  3. In the Log Viewer screen, click “Modules” and make sure the Server Events option is checked off.
  4. Specify a log date range that includes the last known running date and today. Click “Refresh.”
  5. You should see a log similar to shown below(screenshot). Of utmost importance is the indication that all hosted database files were closed before the FileMaker service was stopped.
  6. If this checks out, it should be safe to re-start the FileMaker service. Click the “Start” icon (green button).


My question is;

     Why is there a concern with a reboot for updates, with the service?
     Is there a switch to allow the DB to start up automatically, can I script this?

     Is FileMaker 11 not resilient enough to recover from a server reboot?

     Do I need to gracefully shutdown FileMaker via Server Admin Console before a bounce?


Thanks in advance