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Xsl temporary path not working

Question asked by MAKALENG on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by beverly

This script returns Error


1. SAXParseException: unable to determine file base pathname (Occurred in an unknown entity, at line 0, column 0.)

I am exporting xml file using xsl style sheet and claimRequest.xsl  is on desktop.. This works fine but i want to store file on the solution and  create temporary path and it returns above error, am testing it on mac


2.  Can i also do the same on server, the issue is that others need to export it when on web direct and i understand this has limitation, will it be better if i sent script to server if on web to be exported, the file will be exported to Agent server, and receive response, which  i think will still need to do xml for import  to import the response, which i ll also need your Input