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I just upgraded from FileMaker Advanced 15 to version 16 I notice some differences.

Question asked by PhillpJones on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by PhillpJones

I am seeing some differences between 15 and 16.  In 15 at bottom of the screen, there was a pop-up menu for Zooming the created Database.

I am not seeing that. Also at bottom of screen, the also was a menu of Browse, Find, Layout and Preview. In Version 16 neither there and you have to go to the main menu.


Also, You still haven't fixed an issue that has bugged be for years. In Zoom you go from 100% which no one can read to 200% the to 400% in which files zoom screen too much. It should go from 200% to 250%, to 300%, to 350%, to 400% and then one for visible width in which it fits visible screen width.