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    selfcreated Layouts?

    Benjamin Fehr

      Product and version:  FMPA16.0.1.162

      OS and version: macOS10.12.5 Beta (16F71b)

      Description: FMPA16 has created empty Layouts named "––––––––––––––––"

      How to replicate: ???

      Workaround:  just delete all Layouts "––––––––––––––––"

      Notes: I know for certain I didn't create those Layouts! No file I could send in. No pattern I could spot regarding the Tables associated to this layouts. In the Layout Manager, they appear on position were they wouldn't belong anyway.

      Among suspected routine which could have caused this issue: Data Import from a foreign FM-File


      I recommend to keep this report with your knowledgebase and wait for other similar reports.

      Sorry, that's all I can do yet.


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          Benjamin Fehr:


          Thank you for your post.


          The four circles appear to be highlighting Layout Separators.  For example, click on the Layout pop-up in the Toolbar, open the CRM -> Briefe folder and see if there are two layouts, a separator, and then the last layout.



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            Benjamin Fehr

            I see. There's still a bunch of Voodoo magic I have to learn


            Though that's how it works:


            in "Manage Layouts",

            - click on Icon [New] (Bottom/Left)

            - choose 'Separator'.

            - you can now select the Separator and click on the [Open] Icon (Bottom/Right) to see there is a new Layout out of the blue


            With 1 click, you not only get a Separator, but also a new Layout with a randomly associated Table with the [File Default] Menu Set.

            Kind of a 3-for-1 offer probably designed by FMI Marketing and Sales