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Total count of records show on 'dashboard' layout

Question asked by SamOsman on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by SamOsman

Hi, I've just created some scripts that are ran from our 'dashboard', so they allow all our job sheets to be assigned to a 'queue' from a drop-down list, then I run a script to perform a find which shows all the job sheets that have a been assigned to that particular queue. This works great.


However, I now want to show a total on the dashboard next to each of the buttons used to run the scripts. So an example would be a queue called 'to invoice' would have a number next to it, to show how many records currently have 'to invoice' selected within the 'queue' field on the record.


I've tried to do this with a calculation field and a summary field, however, it's not giving the correct results.



Queue = "to invoice" (calculation field in the table of job sheets)

Total of the above field (as a summary field) - which is then shown on dashboard


So this would allow you to see at a glance how many job sheets are in a queue without the need to click the button and run the script.