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    Conditional Formatting Disappears in 16 Layout Mode


      I can apply conditional formatting to a field in a portal in 15. In 16, conditional formatting does not appear as an option by right-clicking or using the Format menu. Only 'Object Style' is available. The file is hosted on FMS 16 Windows; clients are Mac's.


      If I delete the field and replace it with a new iteration of the same field, I might be able to apply formatting. But that ability disappears once I save the change, go into Browse mode, and return to Layout mode. Opening the same file in 15, CF is still available as an option.


      This appears to be a bug.

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          John, this is just a guess based on my own discovered surprises in 16.  If you select the object and open the new layout object explorer, is the selected object a group?  I have frequently been coming across single objects that shouldn't be a group but the object explorer has it as a group anyway.  If it's a group, can you select one of its contained objects (in the object explorer) and then do the conditional or other formatting on it?

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            You are right, Howard-- that is it. I had added a button to the field, and it shows up as an edit box inside a 'Grouped Button' From the object explorer I can indeed now apply formatting.


            A little less clearly a bug, but I never grouped the portal and its field. Does that mean a button applied to any object inside a container-- panel, tab control, popover, etc.-- might exhibit the same unexpected behavior?


            To test, I put the same portal/field combination on the layout, and was able to apply CF. Then I applied a button to the field, it became grouped, and I was unable to apply CF, without resorting to the object explorer.


            Same with a field by itself, to which a button is applied. So 'group' here doesn't have the same meaning as Group/Ungroup; it seems to mean the button functionality is grouped with the field.

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              The portal is not a factor here.  Any field, text, or other object that has been set with an "onClick" (um, a button) is now considered a group and is not formattable in 16 without using the object explorer.  Even if you want to set the format for the object AND its button all the same, you can't do it without using object explorer.


              I have also come across an occasional non-button fields formatted as a dropdown menu that had somehow become a group with no other objects.  Seems kind of random.


              On any half-complex layout (many "hidden" objects across tabs, panels and/or popovers), the object explorer is EXTREMELY slow to redraw on Windows...and it has to redraw any time you do anything as minor (and common) as moving a field over a few pixels.  Because of that, I can't keep the object explorer open while I work, so this whole group/formatting thing has pushed me back to 15 after the first hour each day spent struggling in 16.


              Button groups and other 16-created groups have different format, anchor, etc behavior then do the Group/Ungroup type of group.  They all look the same in the object explorer, though.

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                this is just awful programming from filemaker

                so now to apply a style or conditional formatting to a button I have to


                - remove the script from the button

                - un group it

                - apply the CF or style

                - add the script back on again


                wasting many hours doing this nonsense

                love the JSON and CURL updates and cards (so no going back to 15 now) but filemaker....

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                  Benjamin Fehr

                  tell me when I'm wrong but I 'ld say, you don't have to

                  - remove the script from the button

                  - un group it


                  if you use the new "layout object explorer" as described by Howard Schlossberg:

                  select a object within a group, right-mouse click 'Hide all other Objects', go ahead by set your formatting for this single object out of a group

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                    Or as an alternative to using the layout object explorer. you can also click on the "grouped" object and use your keyboard's tab key to step through each object contained in that group.  Of course you then don't know exactly what is selected at any given time, but I've found the object I want is usually the first (and only) object tabbed to.  At this point, however, you cannot rely on the contextual menus as we have for years; you must instead use the main app menus for things like setting a button or conditional formatting.


                    These changes in 16 are very disruptive and, in my eyes, very unnecessary.  It seems to me, they could have remained a technical group for purposes of the layout object explorer, while still allowing for group formatting.  I have a feeling FileMaker's engineers would have left the product in such a state (and the slowness; oy the slowness) only if it felt they had to as a stepping stone to their ultimate goal (whatever that might be).  Since v-revs never seem to include anything but bug fixes (and this current behavior isn't considered a bug), I'm beginning to believe the best option is to remain on 15 and cross fingers for 17 (except it really hurts for not being able to take advantage of card windows, THE single best feature in 16...the one single new feature for which there is no viable "workaround").

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                      Hi Ben


                      Thanks - that really helps.


                      So now I just select a button, open the button in Layout Objects and select the Edit Box to then apply CF or styling...not so bad I guess...just 20 years of habit...


                      A suggested update - clicking a button opens and selects the first item in a group by default - then it'd work well. I'm sure this would be the preferred default for developers.