Are there limitations on conditional formating in portals ?

Discussion created by CarlEnfield on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by philmodjunk

I am attempting to develop an application containing a monthly calendar. The monthly calendar window has 42 potential portal locations. Each portal displays the day's scheduled events for up to 8 events at one time.  There are 7 different classes or types of events (e.g. Work, Holiday etc.).  I have been able, using conditional formatting, to have each class of event display using different a font color using the Condition “Formula is” and specifying the class type.  Limiting the formatting to text color, the calendar displays events as expected. The window is quite cluttered and it is difficult to easily distinguish all of the class colors. I was attempting to improve legibility by using a combination of font color and fill color to make the classes of events easier to distinguish.  When I did this, an event that should appear only in one location, is now appearing in several additional portals where it wasn't programed to appear with incorrect information. When I simplified the conditional formatting back to using only font conditional formatting the problem disappeared. This makes me wonder if there is a limitation on the amount of conditional formatting one can use in a given window?  I am writing the application using FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced. 


Any advice would be appreciated.