Relationships in portals...

Discussion created by JoeSand on May 11, 2017
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Wasn't sure what to title this, but this is an offshoot of the "dashboard" questions I had earlier.  I decided to try something different: Instead of using portals in a dashboard layout for navigating to individual records, I'm trying a Popover button containing said portal.  In it's simplest form, the user would be able to switch between records by clicking on the portal row of the chosen record, never actually leaving the layout.


The small complication comes from the nature of these records.  Each record is a Repair Order, and contains very little information, but rather is linked to other lists... line items, customers, vehicles, etc.


The portal is related to the Repair Orders table via an "x" relationship with a second instance of the table, "show all ROs", and is filtered to show only "active" ROs. A "go to related record" button in each row sends the user to the chosen record (I was kind of surprised this worked with the "x" relationship).  Each row needs to show some summary information about each RO to identify it, but most of this info is in the other related tables.  I haven't found a way to display this "pass through" data in the portal.


I ended up creating an "RO description" calculated text field that strings together various fields from the related tables, and display this field in the portal rows.  Seems to work fine, but did I have to do this?  It feels like a work-around.  Can I access "cousin" tables (for lack of a better term) in a portal row?