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    FM16 Active windows



      OS and version Win7



      If Script Debugger is active and I want to work in the script window (via Debugger or main menu option), I think that the latter should be in foreground.

      Also if I have Data Viewer visible and load/activate the Script Window latter stays under the Data Viewer.
      Data Viewer is also still visible if I minimize FM.



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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro 16 no longer displays database files in a self-contained windows.  Like under Mac operating system, the Script Debugger and Data Viewer are the topmost windows and the Script Window will always appear beneath those windows.  Also, just like the Mac, if you minimize a FileMaker database window, the Script Workspace, Script Debugger and Data Viewer will remain displayed until the application exits.



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            Arnaldo: While the changes you note are "by design", I agree with you on the frustration of the script window always being underneath the debugger and data viewer -- especially when calling the script window FROM the debugger.  In my mind, the frontmost window of those three should always be the currently selected one.  That said, I'm great with the script window disappearing under the document window when the doc window is the current window, so I can see where the FMI engineers might have had to make a choice as to which "frontmost group" the script window was to be a part of.



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              Thanks for the attention.

              Anyway: If I activate a window it should mean that I want to work on it, so why not bring it in the foreground?