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Question asked by piaccounting on May 12, 2017
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Hello all


Is it possible to programatically determine which values list should be used as a dropdown list?


I have three fields (A, B and C) each of which I want a dropdown list presented to the user.  However I want more flexibility than field A being a full list; field B being determined by what was chosen in field A and then field C being determined by what was chosen in both field A and B.


What I would like is the user to be able to choose any field A, B or C. On choosing a field the list made available to them will depend upon what is already selected in the two other fields (if indeed anything has been selected in either of them).


If I have calculated correctly there are twelve possible permutations, which suggests a Case statement might be a solution.  My thoughts are that on selecting a field I check the contents of the other two fields and then determine which value list to present. I am also wondering whether the value list could be generated with an SQL statement.


If anyone could advise as to whether this is possible and pointers to where it is achieved. For example I cannot see an option to generate an SQL statement from within the “Manage Value List for” dialogue box therefore presume it will go in a script which is called when the field is selected.


Many thanks