Mailit 6.x undocumented feature (at least I can't find a reference)

Discussion created by DonCollier on May 12, 2017

Don't get me wrong MailIt is a great product Love it and use it but I recently came across a real issue i can't see documented anywhere that cost me hours of work and wanted to give everyone a heads up. (Sorry if this isn't the place. I feel sure ill be corrected if I'm wrong)



I recently was setting up an IMAP only connection to an exchange server. Done it before no big issue. Only it didn't work


Try as I may I could not get it to connect. Hours of work later in including deploying Thunderbird on the FielMaker server  which resulted in a good connection so: no IP blocking, no issues with log in or password , you would think right.


NOT!  The problem, found by chance, was a period in the password [.]  yup a full stop brought it all to a full stop


So don't use them in your passwords!!! at least not with Mailit!



PS Dacons  great product. What else can't we use in passwords please?