Conditional Formatting based on a Feild Value in a Found Set on a Seperate Layout

Discussion created by fratinize on May 11, 2017
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I have a Main layout with Buttons that Find a Set of Records, takes me to Its Layout and Allows me to Gather Data for those Records and Stored in its Own Table (Lets call it the Data Table). During Data Collection, I set a Flag to No (IN a Field called "Archived", in the Data Table)


At the End of the Collection, I press a Button it gathers all of the Records with the "N" in the Archived Field) and It creates an Email with The Data, Then a Message Pops Up saying DI you send the Email? then Once the User clicks OK to the Message, it converts the Archived Flag to "Y"


On My Main Layout I want to Make a Note basically to Remind the User to Send the Data Collected (If it has not been) Otherwise  IF its been sent, You will not see the Note.

So I Created a Text Box With the Words Please Send Your Data) I made the Font white so It blends with the background and is unseen, I want to Use Conditional Formatting to Make it Brite RED if The archived Flag is Still "N"

I get how to Use Conditional Formatting, but Have Not Attempted to Do this on a Different Layout than Where my field/Data is.


I am Not Getting how to Write the Formula for the Condition. I understand the Logic, just not the Syntax.


Thank You